297 Suedberg Rd

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We strive to provide Pine Grove and the surrounding communities access to firearms, ammunition and other sporting goods at a fair price with exceptional service.

Our Story

How did the name "Dutchman Brass" come into being? Anybody from this area can tell you just how "Dutchified" we can all be. Don't ya know now checky? Nancy and I started this business in the basement of our home, February 2012. We attained suppliers of used brass cartridge cases from the south and western states. We sorted, inspected, polished, repackaged and sold this brass to those in need. Hence the name "Dutchman Brass". We continued to grow and now have a thriving gun shop. All thanks to you. With your continued support we will continue to grow and offer more to our customers.

Meet the Team

Truth be told. It's a small team but a good one.


Nancy Kratz-Minnich

General Manager, Member

Nancy is probably the hardest working member of this team. Often referred too as "boss" she dedicates an overwhelming amount of time and effort to this business and it's customers.


Art Minnich



Amber Minnich


Amber is our "gopher". She can usually be found,......in her phone. She specializes in giving Art grey hair. She is the gemstone of our family and has recently enlisted in the U.S. Army.


Dustin Minnich


Dustin is awesome. When something gets broke he gets a call. If it's "confuser" related, he can fix it.

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